Explore what being a volunteer could mean for you. We know what it means for girls!  Volunteering opportunities with Girl Scouts are tailored to fit your calendar, your skills, and your interests. Your time as a volunteer will provide girls the safe environment they need to pursue whatever interests, causes, and leadership roles are most important to them. With your support, girls will stand up, stand out, and stand tall.

We are in need of Service Unit volunteers – remember, you don’t have to be a troop leader to volunteer with girl scout activities, we need moms, dads, grandparents (anyone over 18)  to lead up events, programs and trainings too!  All volunteers must be a registered Girl Scout and have had a criminal background check completed by the Girl Scouts.

Considering being a troop leader but not sure what that entails or the time commitment it requires? Please contact us and an existing troop leader will  answer any questions you may have.  After getting over the initial uncertainty of leading a troop, our leaders consistently comment what a rewarding experience it is – having fun with their daughters and developing friendships with other like-minded parents.

Please consider volunteering for one of the vacant positions or if you’d like to contribute your time in another way just let us know!  

The LASU Team of Volunteers 

Lake Austin Service Unit (LASU) Team 2015-16

LASU serves all Four Points Schools


Service Unit Director – Tina Beamer – Tina_Beamer@yahoo.com

Admin Assistant to SUD – Sarah Doolittle – sarah.doolittle@gmail.com

Registrar – Chanda Lor – chanda.b.lor@gmail.com

Treasurer – Melissa Miltonberger –  melmilt30@yahoo.com

Website & Communications Coordinator – Michelle Lamb –  michellelambtx@gmail.com


Service Unit Campout Committee – Sarah Doolittle, Laura McDonough,

Fall Product – Sarah Doolittle

Fall Product Warehouse – Annette Kjar – austinite4u@yahoo.com

Fall Products Awards Sorting and Distribution – Melissa Luppino

Cookie Sales – Laura McDonough – laurab.mcdonough@gmail.com

Cookie Booth Coordinator – Kim Connor – kimconner95@yahoo.com

Cookie Cupboard Storage and Distribution -

Cupboard Assistant – Laura McDonough –  laurab.mcdonough@gmail.com

Cookie Awards Sorting and Distribution – Melissa Luppino – mmluppino@yahoo.com


Skating Party – Liz Brokhoff – liz99erd@gmail.com

Thinking Day – Sarah Doolittle –  sarah.doolittle@gmail.com

Thinking Day – Melissa Luppino – mmluppino@yahoo.com

Daddy Daughter Dance – (March or April)

Bridging (we recommend this as a Bronze project for a Junior troop) (Late May)

Friends of Girl Scouting Fundraising Coordinator (year-round)

Volunteers Recognitions (May) -


Silver Award Consultant – Tina Beamer – Tina_Beamer@yahoo.com

Gold Award Consultant – Council – Wendy Riley – wendyr@gsctx.org


School Coordinator – LWBE – Heather Nielson – hbnielson@gmail.com

School Coordinator – RRE – Lynne Citrin – lrcitrin@yahoo.com

School Coordinator – GVHE – Jennifer Werland – werland_pack@hotmail.com

School Coordinator – RPE – Laura Grace -

School Coordinator – SRE Liz Brokhoff – liz99erd@gmail.com

School Coordinator – CRMS Sarah Doolittle – sarah.doolittle@gmail.com

School Coordinator – 4Pts – Stacy Smith – katycaliope@hotmail.com

School Coordinator – VHS – Tina Beamer

Pinewood Derby – Mike Brokhoff – phox3125@gmail.com

Pinewood Derby – Jim Abel –  jamesfabel@hotmail.com