Camp 2014 – FAQs

Peace Love Camp

Frequently Asked Questions
1. When and where is the campout?
Fri-Sun, Nov. 14-16, 2014 Camp Champions Retreat 775 Camp Road Marble Falls, TX 78654

2. Can I attend only one night?
Yes, please note the night you plan to stay on the online registration form.
3. Can I arrive Saturday morning?
Yes, Saturday campers can check in between 7:45 – 8am in the dining hall (Fillin’ Station). If you arrive
after 8am, please pick up your registration packet on porch of the Fillin’ Station.
4. Who can attend the campout?
Registered girls and registered adults with a current Criminal Background Check (CBC). Dads will have
a separate cabin.
TROOP LEADERS PLEASE NOTE: Safety wise Troop ratios must be met: at least one First Aid/CPR
trained adult and one OCC trained adult. If you are a new Troop and don’t have an OCC or First
Aid/CPR leader, please contact the campout organizer.
5. Can I bring my son to camp?
6. How much does it cost to attend the campout?
The campout is $80 per attendee for overnight (1 or 2 nights) and $55 for day-only (Saturday). Please
submit your family members’ payment to your Troop Leader. $80 covers the cost of the cabin plus
breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. $55 covers the cost of meals on
7. Is Friday dinner included?
No, Friday night dinner is not included. Please pack your dinner or stop on the way to camp.
8. What if an attendee has dietary restrictions?
The dining hall will be nut-­free. Camp Champions provides gluten-­free and vegetarian options at
every meal.
9. Is there a participation patch?
Yes, one patch per girl is included in registration price.
10. How do I register for the campout?
The registration form is online this year. One adult family member must use the online registration form
to register all attendees from their family.
The link to the campout registration form to be completed by each family is:

11. Is there a Camp Champions Visitor Agreement liability waiver form and when is it due?
Everyone attending campout, adults and children, must have a signed Visitor Agreement liability waiver
form, one per family.
IF YOU ARE A PARENT ATTENDING CAMP, please include yourself and child(ren) on one waiver
IF ONLY YOUR CHILD IS ATTENDING, turn in a signed waiver to her leader.
IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CAMPERS IN YOUR FAMILY, please submit payment and Visitor
Agreement liability waiver form to each troop that your daughters belong to. If you have more than one
daughter in the same troop, parents may list those family members on one Visitor Agreement form.
12. What is the deadline to register for camp?
The deadline for troops to register online for the campout is Sunday, October 12th at 10pm.
13. What is the deadline to pay for the campout?
The deadline for troops to pay for the campout is Sunday, October 12th at 10pm. Please submit your
family members’ payment to your Troop Leader or Leaders if you have girls in multiple troops (i.e.
submit one check to each Troop Leader, if your daughters are in separate Troops). Adults who are
attending camp should submit their payment and Visitor Agreement liability waiver form with the troop
that they will be attending campout with.
TROOP LEADERS PLEASE NOTE: Troop payment is by ONE Troop check made out to GSCTX Lake
Austin Service Unit. Troop leaders must submit a printout of a completed Troop Registration Payment
Summary form along with 1 Troop check and all Visitor Agreement liability waiver forms (1 per family).
Each participating troop leader must have payments and also a signed Visitor Agreement liability
wavier form from all of the girls and adults attending camp with the troop. Please submit paperwork &
payment by 10/12/14 10pm to SUD. Place everything in an envelope labeled with your troop number and
leave it in the bin on the porch at Sarah’s house: 12713 Capella Trail in Summer Vista in Steiner.
TROOP LEADERS PLEASE NOTE: The link to the Troop Registration Payment Summary form to be
completed by the Troop Leader is:
14. Is a TTA required?
TROOP LEADERS PLEASE NOTE: The TTA will be submitted to GSCTX by the SUD for all Lake Austin
Service Unit attendees so each Troop Leader does not need to submit an individual Troop TTA to
15. What is the packing list for camp?
• Troop shirts (not required) vests and sashes aren’t needed (not required)
• Tennis shoes and Shoes that can get wet / dirty
• Sunhat / Sunscreen / Bug Spray
• Refillable water bottle, with name
• Backpack (to hold water bottle, snacks, etc.)
• NO ELECTRONICS (adult cell phones OK as needed, but no iPods, iTouches, Electronic Games
for kids please – we ARE camping)
• Flashlights / lantern (it gets really dark out there!)
• Sleeping bags / pillows/ sheets/blanket (each cabin has bunk beds that have vinyl mattresses)
• Towel, wash cloths (warm showers available for those that require them), and for those
kayaking an extra towel may be nice! Plastic bag to store wet clothing.
• Clothes for warm and cold weather including a jacket & bathing suits for kayakers. Last year,
we bundled up in the morning and then were in shorts by the afternoon.
• A “Peace, Love, Camp” outfit for the dance Friday night. Bring your tie dye/ flower power
outfits! (optional)
• Camera (optional)
• Toiletries. Bathrooms have electrical outlets, some cabins do.
• Rainy Day activities will be provided, but bring board games, playing cards or other activities
for down time.
• It’s also nice to bring snacks for your girls to share.
16. What is the daily camp schedule?
Peace, Love, Camp -­ Daily Schedule
Friday 11/14
6:30-­7:30 Check-­in to your cabin
7:30-­8:30 Dance (Olympia)
9-­10:00 Cadettes Only after party (Hondos Hideout)
10:00 Light out
Saturday 11/15
7:30 Opening Flag Ceremony (outside Fillin’ Station)
7:45-­8:00 Morning Check in for day campers (Fillin’ Station)
7:45 Breakfast (Fillin’ Station)
8:30 Activities begin
6:05 Activities end
6:15 Swaps (outside the Fillin’ Station)
6:30 Dinner (Fillin’ Station)
7:45 Campfire & S’mores (at the Forum)
10:00 Lights out
Sunday 11/16
7:30 Closing Flag Ceremony (outside Fillin’ Station)
7:45 Breakfast (Fillin’ Station)
8:45-­11 Pack up and leave
• Please have your campers pull down all of the cabin flaps and lock them and take all of the mattresses
and stack them on the floor of the cabin
17. Can our Troop perform a skit at campfire?
Yes, all Troops are welcome to perform a skit at Saturday night campfire. The sign up sheet will
be posted in the Fillin’ Station (mess hall). Deadline to sign up is Saturday dinner.
18. What is my Troop’s schedule?
Troop Schedules will be provided to your Troop Leader the week before camp.
19. What cabin number am I assigned to? Can I request a specific cabin?
Cabin number assignments will be provided to your Troop Leader the week before camp. You can
submit special requests to you Troop leader (for example: cabin near Troop #, near a bathroom, on the
lake, etc.).
The Camp Committee will do our best to accommodate special requests, but
these are in no way guaranteed. If you do make special requests, please
inform your Troop leader, to avoid conflicting requests.
20. How many SWAPS should we plan to make?
We recommend 10-15 per girl.
21. Who do I contact with questions about the campout?
Please contact Adriana Cox (512) 659-­5438 or